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  • Data-driven marketing
  • Cross-channel marketing
  • Gains in speed and efficiency

Use synergy effect in marketing

Want to take full control of your marketing activities and increase your performance across the board? Then manage your data centrally via the intelliAd solution and benefit from strong synergy effects!

Integrated solution for your marketing

You will see the context of your marketing strategies via Customer Journey Tracking rather than merely observe individual channels in isolation. Furthermore, all data points flow automatically into the improvement of your advertising automation – for example in the search channel and for display ads.

Start now with the leading performance marketing platform and gain a whole new measure of transparency, control and cross channel synergy!

Understand your customers

You will learn to understand your customers better with intelliAd Customer Journey Tracking and experience a sustained performance boost. You can easily bundle all your marketing channels (including offline touchpoints) onto the intelliAd platform to achieve this.

This gives you valuable customer insights, allows your budget to be allocated more efficiently and automatically improves the automation of your online channels such as SEA.

Use marketing automation:


Concentrate on the strategic leadership of your search campaigns and leave the automation to the self-learning algorithm of our award-winning Bid Management technology. We offer the proven best SEA suite for your search engine advertising.

Highlights: flexible achievement of goals, intelligent budget optimisation and cross-channel synergies.

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intelliAd Frontend: Target Group

Precise targeting with Programmatic Advertising

Our ultra-granular Programmatic Advertising solution enables you to reach valuable users at precisely the right time with individually tailored banner advertising. Through intelliAd Audiences you will precisely target users who have shown high levels of interest in making a purchase.

As you will see, targeting your audience as precisely as possible is well worth it. Learn more!

Modular, integrated, flexible

intelliAd Product Portfolio

Simply combine our 3 intelligent product solutions to form a tailor-made package and increase your marketing performance now!

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