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A Beacon Love Story

How to win customers for the long term using Beacons

Dear Online Marketers,

What could possibly be more beautiful than having butterflies in your stomach – that feeling of having found the perfect partner?

You can create this exact same feeling in your customers with your brand and products. In this brochure we will show you how to win the hearts of your target group and to build longlasting relationships with your customers. The same rules apply here as with dating: None of us are the same and each one of us wants to be “won” differently. There is no single magic formula which works for all customers.

The key is creating enjoyable personal interaction throughout the entire customer journey. Cupid’s arrows come into play here with the Beacons. They bring the offline and online world of the consumer together and in doing so allow you to respond to individual interests and requirements – thereby adding genuine value. If you do everything right then the relevant and personal content, much like Cupid’s arrows, will land directly in the consumer’s heart.

The team at intelliAd Media
wish you a pleasant read!

Beacons Cupid

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