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What the Perfect Coffee and Programmatic Advertising Have in Common

Dear Online Marketers and Coffee Lovers,

What would a morning be without coffee – or better put – without the perfect cappuccino?

This requires the skill of a barista, knowledge of coffee beans and how to roast them, milk at the correct temperature and a trained hand for the finish, the ‘latte art’ in the milk foam. You might now ask yourself what that has to do with Programmatic Advertising.

Well, you are most certainly familiar with these highly technical Italian coffee machines which stand gleaming with their polished chrome in coffee shops and restaurants. Would you be able to spontaneously conjure up a cappuccino? Probably not. An interface of a demand side platform (DSP) behaves in much the same way. It offers advertisers the perfect control of their online campaigns. Just like with coffee, this only works by moving the right levers, that is, by selecting the correct campaign settings.

This white paper aims to give you a concise introduction to the art of buying advertising in display campaigns. By the time you have finished reading, you will have a deep understanding of how you can use a DSP to your benefit.

The team at intelliAd hope you savour this white paper.

Perfect Coffee and Programmatic Advertising

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