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 Customer Journey Tracking

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How you can learn to understand your customers with Customer Journey Tracking and use your budget efficiently

Dear Online Marketers,

The marketing world is a murky jungle made up of multiple channels and devices. Learn how to track down valuable users in this dense tangle and make them your customers.

A marketer’s job description is incredibly complex. You certainly know that you cannot consider channels and strategies in isolation because SEA, SEO, display et al. influence each other. You collect an enormous amount of data about channel performance and customer behaviour – but do you really succeed in gaining deep insights? Can you identify particularly valuable customers and get them excited about your products? Do you manage to use your budget as optimally as possible? The truth is this: understanding comes before the sale. In this Expert Guide we will take you on safari into the marketing jungle, show you how to decode the customer journey – and in doing so gain a previously unknown measure of transparency and control over your marketing strategies.

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Safari Guide Customer Journey Tracking

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