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Bid Management

Tactical Playbook for Search Engine Advertising

How to target your customers intelligently & efficiently with Bid Management as your assistant trainer

Dear Online Marketers,

have you already found the perfect tactic for reaching potential customers efficiently via search engines?

SEA remains the most direct way of detecting users with genuine motivation to buy and enticing them into your own shop. The goal here is clear: maximise the effectiveness of the budget used and achieve the highest possible increase in revenue. However, it is not long before you hit a brick wall if you are managing keywords on Google AdWords manually. Firstly, because you could free up the time spent on the task and use it more productively. Secondly, because intelligent algorithms in a Bid Management tool can complete much more detailed and complex evaluations of campaign performance than a human being. Or put a different way, instead of being on the field yourself and trying to steal the ball, you can do it whilst sat comfortably on the trainer’s bench and make your SEA campaigns successful using the right tactics. In football, a trainer is often only as good as his last game and he is always at risk to be sacked. This will not happen to you because you will find everything you need in this Expert Guide for becoming the Pep Guardiola of search engine advertising. This will enable you to delegate much of the work to Bid Management as the assistant trainer.

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