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Q2 | 2016

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intelliAd E-Commerce Industry Index Q2: Mobile shopping experiencing exponential growth, advertising spend on the increase

The largest e-commerce analysis demonstrates on a quarterly basis how online shopping behaviour is evolving in Germany: The intelliAd E-Commerce Industry Index shows a direct comparison of the top online retail industries’ key KPIs as well as the travel sector. It provides you with up-to-date benchmarks in order to make your online marketing activities more efficient and identify potential weaknesses.

For Q2 / 2016, the analysis was again expanded significantly and recorded a total of 2.3 million online purchases in diverse industries. Through a direct comparison with Q2/2015 we also highlight trends and developments to help you adjust to ever changing markets.

Marketing intelligence and innovation award

E-Commerce Industry Index: The unique data basis also wowed the jury at the Marketing Intelligence & Innovation Awards 2016

Product Chart E-Commerce Industry Index Q2 | 2016

Customer Journey: Solid database is the prerequisite for success

Customer behavior shows dramatic differences between sectors. The average cost per SEA-click (CPC) varies, for example, between 0.18 € and 1.19 €, SEA Spend per purchase varies between € 2 and € 53. It is therefore essential for marketers to understand their own industry and the specific behavior of their target audience in detail and and to incorporate all available information into their marketing planning. The E-Commerce Industry Index constitutes an independent data source – and is updated quarterly to provide you with current information in our dynamic business.

For more insight and deep understanding of your customers, we recommend that you use customer journey tracking. By bundling all your marketing channels onto a single performance marketing platform, you will lay the foundation for cross-channel cost savings as well as a relevant customer approach. Get a consultation without any obligation!

Fashion industry under the microscope: In the E-Commerce Industry index special edition “Spotlight Fashion“ from intelliAd and Deloitte you will learn all about the developments, challenges and opportunities in the fashion business.

Industry Index Targeting: Purposefully target users who are ready to buy

Efficient revenue increase: With the new Industry Index Targeting you can consciously target such users via display advertising who have shown interest in buying a product from your industry immediately beforehand. intelliAd anonymously tracks the searching behaviour of millions of users when they search for products or browse in web shops.

But your role in all of this is very simple: You look for the segment you wish to target – e.g. womenswear or electronics. You can then target the users directly via display advertising who have searched for products from this category in the last few days. Relevant users will then be shown appropriate banner advertising which will remind them of their planned purchase and lead them directly into your shop, for example when they visit a new website or look at their favourite blog.

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