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Bid Management

  • Cost savings of up to 30%
  • Time saving through automation
  • Achieve goals with flexible bidding strategies

Achieve success automatically in the search channel!

Don’t get bogged down any longer with the manual management of your search campaigns. Our award-winning algorithm will achieve your performance objectives for you through intelligent campaign control. With intelliAd you will succeed in allocating your budget optimally as well as intelligently linking SEA with other online channels.

Trust in the best SEA Suite on the market

The intelliAd bidding algorithm is self-learning and integrates all data from Customer Journey Tracking. The best SEA suite on the market optimises individual keywords and entire campaigns for all relevant search engines (Google Adwords, BingAds etc.) and Facebook.

SEMY Award
Bid Management Strategie

Reach your individual goals

Whether it’s revenue, conversions or traffic – with intelliAd you can define your individual campaign goals flexibly and reach them efficiently. Profit maximisation is possible based on KPIs such as margin, basket value and ROI. You will maintain full transparency and control throughout and can thoroughly track all bidding decisions made by the bidding automation.

Automation saves time

Processes are simplified, optimised and automated significantly by the intuitive intelliAd solution. The fully or partially automatic bidding saves your SEA department a great deal of time every day. Instead of manually regulating the bids, your team’s capacity can be invested in contentand the strategic optimisation of campagins . intelliAd will also support you throughout with intelligent management dashboards and cross-channel insights regarding customer behaviour.

Strategien Dashboard

Promotion Boost – For additional sales on action days

The new Promotion Boost function gives you the flexibility to react quickly to marketing events such as Black Friday Sales or the Amazon Prime Day and to bid aggressively on SEA offers. This helps generating maximum traffic, conversions and income in the shortest time. This smart intelliAd feature provides perfect support for your sales promotions!

Utilise cross-channel synergies

The search channel plays a central role in the customer journey. Only by integrating it with other channels can you access its full potential. With the intelliAd solution you can, for example, align it with your TV advertising in order to turn interested viewers into actual buyers.

Produktgrafik Search Retargeting

intelliAd Budget Optimization

Intelligent budget planning

Want to know if an investment is worth it? Performance Forecasting delivers you valid answers at all times for driving your growth. This enables you to know precisely in which campaign additional budget will create the maximum effect and which KPI values you can expect.

Intelligent synchronisation between the accounts

Do not waste another second of your time in the manual administration and transfer of your keyword structure from Google to Bing or from Germany to another market. With intelliAd Account-to-Account-Sync, you can conveniently copy campaigns into other accounts and synchronise them constantly. You can also directly adjust a multitude of different parameters in the process to tailor the bids to the target market as optimally as possible – e.g. respond to different mobile behaviour or different shopping basket values.

intelliAd Bid Management: Account-To-Account Sync

What our customers say

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„We were able to halve our CPO in a very short space of time with intelliAd’s Bid Management.“

Ralf Mager 
Online Marketing Director
LODENFREY Verkaufshaus GmbH & Co. KG

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“Thanks to the fully automated Bid Management we save a lot of time and allocate our budget effectively.”

Andri Fried ist Head of Online Marketing bei Discavo

Andri Fried
Head of Online Marekting
Discavo GmbH