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Journey Tracking 

  • Transparent customer journey
  • Savings across the channels
  • Enables GDPR compliant tracking

Understand your customers

Bundle the journey taken by your customers into a central suite! With intelliAd’s online, offline and cross-device tracking you will achieve the optimum data basis for marketing automation which truly produces results. Intelligent dashboards and tools such as Data-driven Attribution will enable you to reach optimum decisions. intelliAd enables GDPR compliant tracking. intelliAd is 100% Made in Germany, all servers and data centres are located in Germany.

Manage all data centrally

We help you to manage all your data centrally so that you can offer every customer the optimum experience at any time. From affiliate to Yandex: with intelliAd you can incorporate all relevant online channels. We record the clicks, impressions and every conversion imaginable for you. In doing so you lay the foundation for valuable customer insights and sustainable performance increases.

Channel Overview
Mobile Devices: Smartphone, Tablet und PC

Re-recognise your customers

Users not only switch channels during the buying process but also the end device. With intelliAd Cross-Device Tracking a single customer journey emerges via a unique customer identifier (e.g. the customer number). Re-recognise your customers, improve their shopping experiences and communicate with them again using precise retargeting.

Use the effect of advertising in the offline world

Online buying behaviour is influenced to a high degree by offline touchpoints such as TV, the POS or your telephone hotline. With the intelliAd solution you can record precisely which interactions and synergy effects exist between the offline and online channels – and how to place your marketing in perfect alignment with them.

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Custom Dashboard

Use intelligent dashboards

We generate smart data automatically for you from the data we have gathered. You and your team can gain important insights with lucid dashboards. Learn to understand customer behaviour, for example through our touchpoint analysis, and maintain visibility of any changes in performance, market and customer behaviour using custom dashboards.

Data-driven attribution: Make optimal use of your budget

You can put your budget to efficient use by identifying particularly valuable target groups and the most lucrative channels. Our Performance Forecasting in particular supports you with optimum budget planning: run through various scenarios and derive action recommendations based upon them.

In addition, intelliAd’s Data-driven Attribution analyses real customer behaviour for you based on the most diverse of factors. You are then able to learn the actual value contribution of individual channels and campaigns. You can actively use these insights for designing the customer journey – and our intelligent algorithm makes immediate use of them for campaign optimisation.

Attribution Dashboard
Touchpoint Analyse

Save through synergies

By centrally managing all the data you will reap multiple rewards. You will maintain visibility and control at all times thanks to the lucid dashboards. The seamless mapping of the customer journey gives you valuable insights which enables sustained customer experience improvements. Data from the customer journey is automatically used to optimise the advertising automation for search. Furthermore, the Pixel Carrier enables you to save costs and avoid paying double commissions in the affiliate channel.

What our customers say

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“Thanks to the intelliAd Performance Marketing Suite we were are able to measure and analyse our marketing channels across the board and have increased ROI by 21%.”

Patrick-André Wilhelm
Online Marketing Specialist

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“By means of the intelligent intelliAd Customer Journey Tracking and Bid Management we were able to analyse the most efficient channels for our customer KabelScheune and thus apply the budget in an optimal way. Therefore we managed to reduplicate our conversions as well as increase the return on investment (ROI).”


Martin Hesselbach
Team Leader Online Marketing
KIM Krick Interactive Media GmbH