Beginner’s Guide
Dynamic Attribution

The Art of Dynamic Attribution

How to increase your performance through optimal automation of your marketing channels

Dear Online Marketers,

Our work is a job like no other and could even be described as an art form: Bring people and products together through creative and integrated strategies and juggle the ever growing number of channels.

By its very nature art is not an exact science and it is precisely this which represents the challenge in marketing. All great and small decisions depend to a large extent on estimations, instinct and experience. Knowing how all the channels and strategies influence each other when used at the same time and across different devices has been an elusive dream until now – as has determining the deciding factor which caused a customer to buy. This is precisely where dynamic attribution comes into play. It operates like a work of art from the old masters; complex technology and workmanship work perfectly in the background but the observer sees only the fascinating end result in which both inspiration and enlightenment are found. This provides you with insights regarding the comprehensive optimisation of your marketing activities and supports your talent with reliable figures. In this Beginner’s Guide you will learn how to use attribution in your company in a way which maximises profit.

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wishes you an enjoyable read!

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