Record the customer journey across all devices

Cross-Device Tracking

  • Understand customer behaviour in detail
  • Optimise advertisement automation
  • Data security – 100% made in Germany

One user, one customer journey

Buying behaviour has changed drastically with the advent of tablets and smartphones. Research often takes place on a mobile device whilst the final purchase is still made on the PC in most cases. 40% of shopping traffic actually occurs on mobile devices nowadays but they represent only 23% of conversions: Many consumers switch to the PC to finalise the purchase.

Device switching
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Device changes are a challenge

A single customer was perceived as different individual persons on each of his/her devices up until now. intelliAd Cross-Device Tracking is the answer to this frequent device switching: users can be recognised once again with certainty on each of their devices using a unique identifier (e.g. their customer numbers).

Performance increase for search and display

We merge all devices together into one customer journey as part of our comprehensive Customer Journey Tracking. This enables you to target your customers optimally and efficiently with relevant content throughout their decision-making process and purposefully increase the likelihood of a sale as the data is automatically used for optimising search engine advertising (via Bid Management).