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  • Greater visibility and E-Commerce revenue
  • Save time through automation
  • Comprehensive e-commerce channel optimisation

More Success in E-Commerce!

intelliAd E-Commerce offers manufacturers and brands intelligent solutions for promoting their products transparently and efficiently on platforms such as Google Shopping and Amazon. Automated reports and flexible campaign management help them achieve greater efficiency, while predictive and machine learning algorithms help them keep full control of costs during automated bid optimisation.

100% Transparency through comprehensive reporting

Which channel is most efficient for your products? What are your high and low performing products and keywords? Our unique E-Commerce dashboard allows you to directly compare all relevant KPIs in Google Shopping and Amazon. Impressions, clicks, conversions and costs can all be seen at a glance, allowing complete cross-channel analysis. Reports can be individualised and automated, providing you with an oversight of your campaign development on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Fully automated Bid Management

Our years of experience give you maximum power. For over ten years, we have been using intelligent algorithms to evaluate and analyse large amounts of data, enabling us to only place the most efficient bids on search engines. This expertise has helped us to be particularly successful in the special field of Amazon advertising formats and on Google Shopping. intelliAd is the first Amazon PPC tool that has a fully automated campaign optimisation, which contributes to a better efficiency.

Intelligent campaign management

A good, well granulated campaign structure is essential for success in e-commerce marketing. Our automated solutions save you both time and resources in your campaign management, whilst also leveraging your visibility on Amazon Advertising and Google Shopping. Our template-based auto split feature is particularly interesting to vendors with a high product fluctuation. Automation saves you enormous amounts of time when advertising your products on Google Shopping: new products no longer have to be added manually to the Merchant Center. This innovative solution also sorts products into specific product groups, saving you time and money.

More smart E-Commerce tools

Product List Management

Total time-saving for e-commerce marketers. With our powerful product list technology, complete campaigns including ad groups, ad texts and keywords can be created directly from the product data feed.

Data Feed Management

Manage products simply and cleverly. Data feed management automatically adapts each product feed to the specific demands of various e-commerce platforms and search engines.

What our customers say

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“intelliAd makes it easy for us: The tool is very transparent, we are always in control over our marketing activities and the professional customer service with it´s competent contact persons is excellent.“

Imke Gedusch
Online Marketing Manager
BTI Befestigungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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“The ‘Google Shopping Auto Split’ allows us to automate processes. Using this solution, we save several hours every day when assigning new products to the respective campaigns, which we now can use more efficiently for our customers.“

Dirk Lajosbanyai Ad Agents

Dirk Lajosbanyai
Managing Director
ad agents GmbH