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  • Automated advertising of fashion products
  • Easy campaign and feed management
  • Optimisation based on customer lifetime value

Our success stories in fashion retail

reduction in CPO

through intelliAd Bid Management

conversion rate increase

in Google AdWords

increase in profit

through use of the intelliAd solution

Understand your customers

Target particularly valuable customers by mapping customer lifetime value (CLV). Data from intelliAd Tracking is enhanced by contribution margin and cleaned of cancellations. A complex algorithm forecasts both when and what amount a customer will buy using a self-learning process. The calculated CLV flows directly into the bidding optimisation via intelliAd Bid Management.

Make optimal use of your budget and determine the most lucrative channels and campaigns. Performance Forecasting supports you with your efficient budget planning. Play out various budget scenarios and, on this basis, determine the best action steps.

Touchpoint Analyse

Save time with the Product Listing Tool

With the Product List Tool, you can automatically create SEA campaigns for Google AdWords complete with ad groups, ad texts and keywords directly from your product feed.

These campaigns are synchronised with your product feed every day. Should an advertised product no longer be available in the product list, the ad group to which it belongs will be paused. Price changes are also recognised by the Product List Tool and the advertisement’s text is amended accordingly. This method will result in a sustained performance improvement of your Bid Management.

Campaign Optimisation

Let your e-commerce advertising benefit from fast and flexible adaptability with intelliAd’s e-commerce solutions. Intelligent Bid Management allows you to comprehensively optimise your Google Shopping campaigns through the implementation of clean structures and automation. Data Feed Management helps you automatically adapt your product feed to the demands of each individual e-commerce platform or price search engine. Product advertisements can be synced with your product range many times a day, helping online retailers save time without losing control.

The fashion industry under the microscope

Receive KPIs and benchmarks from the fashion retail industry

  • Download the study “Spotlight Fashion” by intelliAd and Deloitte
  • Gain deep insights into the metrics typical for the industry
  • Optimise your own strategy based on valuable benchmarks

What our fashion customers are saying

Vertbaudet Logo

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“The intelliAd suite gives us valuable insights into the buying behaviour of our customers.  It enables us to optimise our marketing activities and demonstrably save money by appropriately configuring our Bid Management as well as implementing the pixel carrier.”

Raphael Botor ist Sepcialist im Performance Marketing bei der Vertbaudet GmbH

Raphael Botor
Specialist Performance Marketing
vertbaudet Deutschland GmbH

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“intelliAd does not merely offer us a system with which we can measure the performance data of individual online marketing campaigns but also the chance to evaluate to evaluate this data individually together with the intelliAd team. This gives us a comprehensive view of the complete customer journey – tailored for our specific needs – and we are then able to direct our investments accordingly. This form of cooperation places us in a prime position to achieve excellent results.”

Samuel Schenk ist Head of Marketing bei der Luxury Fashion Trade GmbH

Samuel Schenk
Head of Marketing

Luxury Fashion Trade GmbH

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