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Improving online marketing has been our goal since our beginnings in 2007. With products that make life simpler for our clients – and put them in a much better position. How do we achieve this?

With the conviction that we will achieve a lot together. Our success formula is our unique intelliAd culture which makes us what we are today:

The leading Performance Marketing Suite!

Performance driven

What makes us stand out? Our unique team of course. We love our products and work every day to make them even better.

This team spirit coupled with high motivation and passion for performance is the decisive factor as to why we have established ourselves as the trailblazer in a dynamic industry.

Skiing as a Team-Building session
Kickern bei der intelliAd Media GmbH


Online marketing and our Performance Marketing Suite get our hearts racing!

This enthusiasm can be sensed in every one of us – in the same way as the pride in the results we have achieved together.


Everyone trusts each other at intelliAd and our culture is characterised by appreciation – at the end of the day we cannot progress without cooperation spanning multiple departments.

We purposefully strengthen the great team spirit and cohesion with intelliAd events.


As an innovator, we need the creative approaches and unconventional ideas of our teams.

This keeps us one step ahead of the market.  Lateral thinkers welcome!

And what else do we get up to? Our Life@intelliAd impressions say more than a thousand words…

intelliAds talk about their lives @ intelliAd

Interview with Mike Schunke, Senior Client Success Manager and Data Protection Officer

In addition to the responsibility for our data protection requirements, Mike Schunke has also been a core part of intelliAd’s Client Success Management since 2012 and has therefore made a significant double contribution to intelliAd’s success. Here you can learn more about his exciting field of work.

Interview with Michael Kutsch, Head of Customer Journey

Michael Kutsch has worked at intelliAd since 2011. He initially joined us as a trainee in the frontend and support area and then went on to work in the data warehousing (DW) process and tracking data processing as a Senior Software Engineer. He is now “Head of Customer Journey”.

Interview with Stefan Käser, Director of Architecture

It is enormously important for Stefan Käser to develop himself independently. Since the industry is very fast paced, there are also opportunities for lateral entrants with the right commitment to find their niches. The most important thing at the end of the day is the practical experience.

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