Good start, good performance


Quick and simple start with intelliAd

Easy Onboarding

We guarantee you a seamless start into the world of intelliAd. Our multiple award-winning customer service team will take the time to familiarise you with our software. Your personal client success manager will discuss your objectives with you during a join set-up appointment, give you recommendations for the right strategy settings and support you afterwards in your daily business.

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Der intelliAd Kundenservice

Individual training programme

We are more than happy to train your team at your premises – customised to your individual wants and needs. You can also find thorough answers and documentation at any time of day in our detailed Knowledge Center and directly in the tool.  You will continue to receive information from us in the form of video tutorials, webinars, customer journey analyses and how-to guides in order to optimise your online marketing even further.

Simple data import

You can easily and conveniently import your data into our Performance Marketing Suite – with Google AdWords and many other channels this takes place simply via an interface (API). With intelliAd you can even track offline channels such TV or examine the influence of the weather on customer behaviour. Ultimately you gain a full perspective of the marketing channel jungle and are able to achieve sustained performance improvements.

intelliAd Dmexco 2016