Never pay commission for multiple affiliates again!


  • Costs savings when dealing with affiliates
  • Correct allocation of conversions
  • Fair, transparent billing

Transparent allocation of conversions

The intelliAd Pixel Carrier helps you to save time and money when allocating conversions and calculating commission, especially when using multiple affiliate networks. The Pixel Carrier guarantees correct allocation of the conversions within the customer journey via the various advertising channels telephone, SEA, SEO, social media, direct traffic, price search engines, display, newsletters and affiliate marketing. With the help of individual prioritisation, conversion pixels from third parties (e.g. affiliate networks) can be placed based on rules. This enables you to avoid double commissions and achieve automation designed to reach your objectives.

intelliAd Pixel Carrier

Use the Pixel Carrier now at no charge!

This useful tool for saving costs is available for all intelliAd Customer Journey Tracking customers using the Professional Package or higher at no extra charge. Learn about our Customer Journey Packages now – or contact us for a no-obligation consultation.