Purposefully use external buying impulses


  • Purposefully increase revenue
  • Extend your own TV advertising into the web
  • Benefit from competitors’ TV ads and the local weather

Purposefully target users who are ready to buy – with TV Triggering and Weather Triggering

The buying behaviour of potential customers is anything but consistent – in fact, it changes constantly. External factors play an enormous role and can act as a “trigger” for sudden buying interest. To use an example, search queries for products shown in TV spots increase dramatically after they have been shown. By reacting to such trigger moments, you can reach motivated users at precisely the right time and increase your revenue dramatically. With intelliAd you can use both the local weather and current TV spots to your advantage.

TV Triggering uses your own and competitor’s TV spots for more performance

TV advertising generates a high level of awareness – but until now these were hardly used for purposefully increasing revenue in the internet. With intelliAd TV Triggering you can convert the impulse effect of your own spots and even those of the competition directly into more online conversions.

To achieve this, intelliAd records all TV spots as well as their content in real time and increases advertising presence immediately according to previously defined rules. Our Bid Management tool for search engine marketing purposefully increases your visibility for keywords which are relevant in the context of the respective TV spot.

Extend your own TV spots into the web at low cost

Weather Triggering: synchronise advertising with weather data

The conversion rate is just as fickle as the weather for many products. It is therefore worthwhile in many industries to adjust the bids dependent on the local weather. This enables to you precisely target interested buyers and to spend less when users are less inclined to buy.

Try out Weather Triggering – sunny times are waiting for you!