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E-Commerce Industry Index “Spotlight Fashion”: The fashion industry under the microscope

With around 10 billion Euros in revenue each year, fashion is by far the biggest revenue-generating sector on the web. In the study “Spotlight Fashion”, a special analysis from the E-Commerce Industry Index, Deloitte and intelliAd have analysed millions of online purchases in the fashion sector and determined action recommendations for you which apply to e-commerce as a whole. The entire fashion industry as well as the sub-sectors womenswear, menswear and sportswear were examined and observations were made as to how the most important KPIs have developed in the last few years.

The provides information for the following areas:

  • How is mobile business developing in e-commerce and how do you maximise the full potential?
  • Why do Google ads cost almost four times as much for menswear than for womenswear – and how should retailers get around this?
  • Which channels are the most valuable traffic suppliers for online marketers – and how does their weighting shift?

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