Reach valuable target groups

intelliAd Audiences

  • Purposeful targeting of new customers with concrete buying interest
  • Efficient retargeting based on the prior customer journey
  • Highest data quality from intelliAd Customer Journey Tracking
  • Self-learning bidding algorithm with high reach

Recognise buying interest and turn it into revenue

With intelliAd Audiences you have access to a previously unknown data quality: we bundle 1st and 3rd party with hundreds of millions of data points from the award-winning E-Commerce Industry Index. You can then efficiently and purposefully target those users who have shown particularly high buying interest by using intelliAd Programmatic Advertising. You can define your target groups simply and easily in the campaign settings target new customers according to interest (“Industry Index Targeting”) or retargeting depending on the prior contact points (“Search Retargeting or “Channel Retargeting”). The intelliAd algorithm bids on online advertising spaces in real time if the user is deemed to be valuable and runs relevant banners.

intelliAd Audiences
All industries, important insights: intelliAd E-Commerce Indsutry Index

Industry Index Targeting

Targeting new customers was often done with the scattergun approach until now. We are changing the rules for you: with the new Industry Index Targeting you can, via display advertising, consciously target those users who showed interest in purchasing products from your industry shortly beforehand. To achieve this, intelliAd anonymously records the searching behaviour of millions of users and registers when they are browsing through webshops or looking for products on Google et al. The data from the famous intelliAd E-Commerce Industry Index offers the foundation for this.

Search Retargeting & Channel Retargeting

Cross-channel boost: Search Retargeting is the answer to the central question of how to efficiently reach users who have searched for your products in Google et al. This is accomplished by using your Bid Management data to retarget and convert users with concrete buying interest. They are then addressed with relevant content via Programmatic Advertising based on previous SEA contact points. With intelliAd you thus combine search engine and display advertising to form a formidable duo.

Channel Retargeting is just as efficient: you can actively design the customer journey by showing usersrelevant advertising material based on specificprior contact points. This enables you to respond optimally to specific, repeating behavioural patterns in your industry.

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