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  • Efficient retargeting
  • Intelligent targeting of new customers
  • Utilization of synergy effects

The right advertising at the right time

Programmatic Advertising enables you to precisely target a specific audience via display advertising. The real-time purchase of advertising spaces takes place with self-learning technology at intelliAd and offers you diverse (re)targeting possibilities. For example, you can react purposefully to TV spots. For particularly high data quality, use intelliAd Audiences – available exclusively at intelliAd.

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Self-learning technology

The intelliAd algorithm links countless data points together for you in milliseconds to recognise particularly valuable customers and target them with high efficiency. Every interaction with the customer flows into the future optimisation of the targeting (“machine learning”).

Flexible (re)targeting options

You always have full cost control, transparency and success evaluation via the intelliAd platform. You can, for example, precisely select the ad exchanges (e.g. Google DoubleClick, AppNexus, Ströer SSP, Yieldlab, Improve Digital) and verticals (e.g. finance, shopping, news) in which your advertisements will be run.

Programmatic Advertising front end: targeting and retargeting options

Stay in control of the advertising environments in which your ad is placed

With the increase of automated traffic via programmatic advertising, the complex subject of brand safety becomes ever more important. Use automatic blacklisting with the intelliAd Brand Safety Tool to prevent your programmatic ads being displayed on websites with illegal pornographic, violent or other controversial and inappropriate content.

Exklusiv: intelliAd Audiences

Our intelliAd Audiences offers you unique data quality: we bundle your first and third party data (e.g. through together for you with hundreds of millions of data points from the award-winning E-Commerce Industry Index. This enables you to precisely and efficiently target users who have shown a high degree of purchase intent.

Industry Index Targeting
TV Triggering Frontend: Create Triggering Actions

React to buying impulses

The buying behaviour of your customers is strongly influenced by external factors. For example, TV spots can be the decisive trigger for an online purchase. The intelliAd solution enables you react precisely to your own TV spots and those of your competitors with precise display advertising.

What our customers say

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“15% conversion increase with reduced costs: intelliAd makes it easy for us to reach potential customers efficiently and purposefully.”

Daniel Brandner von interhyp

Daniel Brandner
Search/Display Marketing
Interhyp AG


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“intelliAd Programmatic Advertising creates excellent synergies with other channels such as SEA, affiliate and TV as well as efficient (re)targeting.”

Linda Neher
Media Planner Digital
AM Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH