Measure online uplift through TV spots

TV Tracking

  • Measure the effect of TV advertising on online channels
  • Optimise your TV media plan
  • Purposefully extend campaigns into the web

Get the maximum pout of your TV budget – even in the internet

With intelliAd TV Tracking you can measure the effect of TV advertising on your website.  Our tool records all additional website visits for you during a defined period after the ad has been broadcast. You can then see how much uplift your own spot generated, depending on factors such us timeline, broadcaster, environment etc. This enables you to optimise your marketing plan – that is, purposefully book only those placements where the effect is worthwhile. TV Tracking can be simply and flexibly booked as an addition to our Customer Journey Tracking.

Extend your own TV spots into the web at low cost

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“Using intelliAd’s TV Tracking has paid off.”

Carsten Görs,

TV Triggering: extend your own TV ads and those of your competitors into the internet

Do more than tracking! Until now the momentum from television advertising has not been purposefully translated into more performance and conversions online. With the intelliAd TV Triggering you can use not only your own spots for more conversions but also purposefully react to TV advertising from your competition to entice motivated buyers int your online shop. Advertising presence with SEA and display campaigns is increased significantly for a specific period of time accroding to perviously defined rules:

Our Bid Management Tool for search engine marketing purposefully increases your visbility with keywords which are relevant in the context of the TV spot. This ensures that the user actually buys from you and not elsewhere.