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10 questions for Levent Karaçam (metrics34)

Levent Karaçam, chairman of our Turkish partner agency metrics34, shared with us his view on online marketing in both Germany and Turkey. metrics34 has been part of the intelliAd Preferred Partner Program since the very beginning. Levent says: “Istanbul and Munich might be 2,000km apart but we do not notice this in the least.” Learn more about our Partner Program here.


  1. How long have you been working at metrics34?
    I have been a part of metrics34 since the foundation back in May 2012.
  1. What do you do at metrics34?
    I am the company’s chairman.
  1. What is metrics34’s speciality?
    We specialise in providing a 360 degree digital marketing including onpage optimisation and e-mail marketing automation.
  1. Which intelliAd tools does metrics34 use?
    We are currently working with all available tools as we believe in the benefits stemming from a holistic online marketing approach.
  1. Your tip for being able to work with intelliAd’s performance marketing platform as optimally as possible …
    In order to work successfully with the intelliAd performance marketing platform I’d highly recommend you to use dynamic retargeting settings.
  1. Which skill or attribute does a marketing expert absolutely need to have?
    He or she has to know his own 4P’s (price, product, promotion, and place) and to be able to assess his customers’ journey utilising as many channels as possible.
  1. Which channel in the customer journey is most important to metrics34 and why?
    All channels are equally important to us, especially segmented targeting for Display.
  1. The biggest marketing trend of 2015 is …
    …Behaviour based Content Marketing
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  1. The thing I like most about intelliAd …
    …the excellent Customer Support