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Data Analysis: The impact of the Google ad changes on desktop SEA ads

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On 22nd February 2016 Google matched its ad placements on desktops with mobile searches. Instead of three ads above the organic search results and a flexible number of ads to the right, there will now be four ads shown above and three below the organic search, as is currently found on smartphones and tablets. This reduction in ads on the first results page has not led to price increases as was feared at first. We have analyzed for you, what consequences this has for advertisers.

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Christmas Shopping 2015 – intelliAd Customer Journey Analysis

Christmas shopping is increasingly happening online: More than half of consumers purchased Christmas gifts on the internet in 2015. Accordingly, Christmas season is make or break time for many online shops. to help you maximize your profits, we’ve analysed when and where consumers make their choices and what influences their purchasing decisions during christmas shopping.

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intelliAd Customer Journey Analysis – Marketers start the Christmas offensive too late

The Christmas season is the most important time of year for many companies: In many branches both sales as well as advertising spend experience a significant rise. In our most recent study you learn amongst other things: What are the various phases of Christmas trade and which ones are particularly profitable? When does Christmas shopping peak and when does the hype come to an end? What errors should marketers try to avoid in this period?

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intelliAd Customer Journey Analysis – When does online shopping peak?

Peak online spending coincides with prime TV time (8pm to 11pm). This has been shown by our current customer journey analysis which examined around 1.2 million online purchases from eleven sectors (including fashion, travel, electronics) between 1st April and 20th June 2015. Webshops not only register more traffic during prime time but also the best conversion rate and above-average order sizes. E-commerce therefore shares its peak revenue generating periods with TV prime time. The use of mobile end-devices such as smartphones and tablets is also disproportionately stronger during prime time. They account for around 40% of traffic and one quarter of all conversions.Read More