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Customer Journey Analysis: How customers shop with Mobile Phones

Mobile advertising is growing rapidly. However, according to a current Customer Journey Analysis by intelliAd only a fraction of purchases really take place via smartphone.

The Munich based technology company examined over one million online purchases made between 15th January and 15th April 2015 in ten shopping sectors. The key finding: online surfers use smartphones primarily as information sources. If a mobile purchase does actually occur then it proceeds very quickly.  83% of all conversions take place on the desktop even though traffic share is only 70%. “Our customer journey analysis shows different devices are used in the buying process. A holistic cross-device tracking is therefore indispensable for being able to re-recognise users on all of their devices and evaluate advertising expenses in the overall context” says Thilo Heller, CMO at intelliAd.

Despite all efforts by e-commerce shops to improve usability only 9% of sales take place via smartphones although they account for 21% of all traffic in the web shops examined. In many cases it was obvious that users only wanted to obtain information quickly without having a definite wish to buy there and then