The entire customer journey in view

Offline Tracking

  • Bundle all channels into one suite
  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Optimise marketing automation and budget allocation

Complete the customer journey – for more performance!

Users gather information online as well as via offline channels such as TV, telephone or the point of sale (POS). Though Offline Tracking you will come to understand how potential customers move in the offline world and the influence this has on online behaviour. This knowledge can then be transformed into more conversions and significant efficiency increases. Every channel which you incorporate into our comprehensive Performance Marketing Suite enable more efficient automation, more accurate attribution and therefore better marketing overall.

Comprehensive tracking and optimisation toolkit

Offline channels can be integrated individually as modules with intelliAd –
you only pay for that which you really need. 

intelliAd Bid Management: automatic and individual

Online tracking leads to more efficient online marketing

All data you gather about the offline behaviour of your potential customers help you with your online marketing because it allows you to close gaps in the customer journey and analyse customer behaviour in its entirety. Furthermore, our Bid Management solution automatically utilises all data which you have recorded with intelliAd. The interactions between online and offline then flow into the automation of your advertisements – and performance improves all by itself.

Offline channels which you can track with intelliAd:

  • Optimise television advertising: with TV Tracking you can record the advertising effect of TV spots and can optimally allocate your budget in terms of timelines, environments etc. You can also extend the effect of your TV advertising into the internet with TV Triggering and even entice motivated buyers away from the competition.
  • Precise success control: Telephone Tracking matches every incoming call with the specific online advertisement which elicited the call. Your call centre then becomes an integral part of the customer journey and can be evaluated objectively.
  • Record print advertising: Direct mail exerts considerable influence on the buying decision – however, its potency could not be reliably tracked until now. Through its joint project CAMPAIGN INSIGHTS with Deutsche Post, intelliAd is offering you the possibility to measure this effect. With your campaigns in the CONSENTRIC-context you will be able to identify additional new user groups who have for instance been navigating through your website, but have yet to convert. Those users can then be targeted either offline through print mailings or online through banner ads on a microcell level animating them to purchase. 
  • Through instore tracking, Beacons enable direct interaction with customers via push notifications, thus increasing sales and customer loyalty. These little signal emitters allow you to record how customers behave at the POS and merge the online and offline worlds together.