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intelliAd Tracking

The tracking technology of intelliAd is used for the needs-based design and optimisation of this website, whereby anonymised user data is collected and aggregated. User profiles are also created from this data using pseudonyms. When using intelliAd tracking, cookies are saved locally. The anonymised user data and profiles may be used by the website provider and other intelliAd customers in order to identify user interests without being able to recognise you as a website user. You have the right to object to the anonymised collection of your user data. Please use the intelliAd Opt-Out function for this.

Consentric Tracking / Consentric Technology

Consentric (prev. „NEXELLENT“) Technology, by Deutsche Post AG can be used to measure statistical parameters for crossmedial use. The aim of the measurement is to determine the effects of physical advertising on internet usage. At no time are individual users identified by name and their identity remains protected at all times. During the measurement process, the delivery or billing address on file is allocated to a so-called microcell of the Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH, which includes an average of 6,6 households. A reference number is assigned and saved in a database and a cookie with a 6-month validity is added to your computer. Only aggregated statistical statements about internet usage are collected and no profiles are created. IP addresses are encrypted during normal data transfer and not used in the following procedure. You can explicitly agree or object to measurement under the following links.