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Strong partnership: intelliAd and Beaconinside

intelliAd, the leading technology company in the 360° optimisation of all performance marketing activities and Beaconinside, a technology provider offering tailored iBeacon solutions have formed a strategic partnership. Companies can now seamlessly integrate the POS into the customer journey and target their customers with optimal, relevant content thanks to the intelligent merger of market-leading holistic tracking software and Beacon hardware. Software and hardware “made in Germany” guarantees data protection and data security. The top 3 branches of the Turkish retailer e-bebek will be immediately equipped with Beacons as part of the first joint project.

In our blog entry from June 19 we discussed 14 requirements for successful beacon projects. e-bebebk, the leading Turkish online retailer of baby articles, took these to heart and relies on the partnership of intelliAd and Beaconsinside in order to connect its online and offline marketing channels. The euqipment of the e-bebek stores in Turkey is the first joint project of the new strategic partners.

Press graphic: partnerschip intelliAd & BeaconinsideThe data generated from this process flows directly into intelliAd’s performance marketing platform. e-bebek already operates search engine advertising from intelliAd as well as Real Time Bidding (RTB), tracks its other online and offline channels (incl. TV). The linking of Beacon and online data will now make it possible for e-bebek to target every customer with content matching his or her interests – both directly in the physical shop via push notifications and also online through the web shop. The comprehensive linking of online and offline data enable efficient targeting of customers and increased performance.

The management of the two companies discuss the advantages of the cooperation:

Michael Kappler, CEO Beaconinside: “Thanks to the partnership we are now able to realise branch-specific solutions which seamlessly merge our proximity Beacon platform with the performance marketing platform from intelliAd. This means the following for advertisers: all-inclusive Beacon management and performance optimisation of all campaigns from a single source.”

Mischa Rürup, COO intelliAd: “The joint Beacon solution lifts holistic marketing to a new level. We are able to achieve synergy effects for our customers which span multiple channels and enable efficient cross channel retargeting. Shop visitors can be precisely targeted based on their interests and web shop visitors can also be targeted when they enter the store.”