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TV Triggering – ensuring full online shopping baskets

TV and internet are the main advertising channels for many advertisers in the e-commerce sector. The sector spent a total of 1.4 billion Euros on TV advertising in 2014 – but the stimulus effect of TV has so far not been effectively tapped into in order to increase performance in the web. With our new solution, TV Triggering, advertisers can now match their online marketing intelligently to TV spots in real time. This provides optimal visibility, higher conversion rates and therefore fuller shopping baskets. Everything can be controlled transparently on one platform with intelliAd’s own technology solutions. intelliAd complements its entire tracking and optimisation toolkit with TV Triggering which, in this constellation, is unique in online marketing.

How TV Triggering works:


intelliAd records all TV advertisements broadcasted as well as their content in real time. The spike in search queries brought about by the TV advertising as well as increased buying interest is immediately translated into conversions. To achieve this, the volume of online advertising such as search engine advertising is significantly increased for a specific period of time after each spot and according to previously defined rules. intelliAd’s Bid Management tool for search engine advertising pruposefully increases the visibility of the advertiser in the internet for keywords which are relevant in the context of the TV ad. At the same time appropriate display campaigns can be started up and in parallel with the TV spot so that particularly valuable users are targeted even more efficiently. Special feature: Even when the competition broadcasts TV ads, intelliAd customers can still take advantage of the increased buying interest by automatically bidding on relevant keywords and display placements in real time. “An optimal synchronisation of TV campaigns with online marketing is now possible for the first time. This means that relevant users can be targeted with significantly more precision and that wastage in display advertising is reduced.” says Thilo Heller, CMO of intelliAd Media. “intelliAd has therefore built an additional bridge for targeting users across channel and media boundaries and increasing marketing efficiency in the process.”