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intelliAd launches Dynamic Attribution

A total of 13.3 billion Euros was spent by German companies in the first half of 2015 on advertising. But which channel makes what contribution to the buying decisions of customers? We are now offering advertisers the opportunity to use dynamic attribution modelling for optimal control of their advertising channels and measuring their success. Familiar static attribution models (e.g. the last click model) have merely evaluated the position of touchpoints within the customer journey. With Dynamic Attribution intelliAd has created self-learning modelling which relies on intelligent algorithms. This results in the best possible mapping of the actual advertising effect. 

The automatic modulation of the different online channels such as search engine advertising (SEA) and display advertising (programmatic buying), including TV triggering, is improved immediately. Furthermore, the dynamic attribution model now makes it possible for marketing professionals to holistically evaluate their online and offline marketing activities and allocate their budget most effectively at the channel, publisher and keyword level.

How Dynamic Attribution works:

intelliAd bundles all advertising channels into a central platform in real time. Even many offline channels such as TV, telephone and the POS via Beacons can be captured and integrated into the customer journey via our own solutions. A comprehensive picture of the buying process and customer needs is born. The new dynamic attribution can bring a multitude of influence factors into play in order to evaluate the contribution of each touchpoint to a conversion, for example cross-channel effects and the time period between clicks and purchases. The calculation of non-concluded purchases which cannot be factored in with static attribution gives the modelling additional accuracy. The dynamic attribution model optimises itself automatically to individual circumstances and peculiarities in the sector in which advertisers operate. It learns with every new data source and updates itself continually.

Thilo Heller


“intelliAd represents the interaction between all tracking and optimisation. Our customers achieve a decisive competitive advantage with the controlling of their online advertising by using dynamic attribution as well as an increase of efficiency in their entire marketing mix” says Thilo Heller, CMO of intelliAd Media. “Consumers also benefit from being understand better by companies in terms of their needs and will be displayed more relevant content.”